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Embracing Change and Serving Digitally - Catryna Jackson


Building Community in a Time of Need - Andrew Pudewa


Leading through issues of Bullying - 

Candice Dugger


Panel Discussion, State Executives share Best Practices -

Anne Miller(HEAV),

Tara Bentley(IAHE), Matthew McDill(NCHE)


Leadership Education: Keys of Great Teaching - Andrew Pudewa

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Turning Special Ed Upside Down - Peggy Ployhar

Q&A - Peggy Ployhar, Steve Demme

Raising a Special Needs Child and Finding Support for the Journey - Steve Demme


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Marriage - Keith and Trish Tully

Marriage Panel -

Keith and Trish Tully

Justin and Jennifer Murff

Daryl and Durenda Wilson

Cherish: The One Word that Changes Everything for your Marriage - Gary Thomas



Questions for Launching Well - Kathy Koch

Micro Keynotes from:

Justin Murff

Jonathan Brush

Joel Grewe

Kathy Koch

Connie Albers

Linda Hobar

4 Things I Wish I knew at 18 - Jeff Myers

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Ages & Stages Sessions

Learn how to teach all age groups, from preschool through high school—and teach multiple ages at the same time. Learn how to identify your child’s strengths, help a child with special needs, encourage kids who have unique challenges, and more. 


  • You Can Do It! - Melissa Hannigan

  • Awaking Wonder ~ Sally Clarkson

  • Different Types of Schooling ~ Connie Albers

  • The 8 Great Smarts ~ Dr. Kathy Koch

  • Homeschool Q&A - Sally Clarkson, Kathy Koch, Connie Albers 

  • Finding Friendship in the Journey - Connie Albers, Sherri Seligson

  • Pre-K/Elementary ~ Durenda Wilson

  • Stuck in the Middle ~ Sherri Seligson

  • High School ~ Janice Campbell

  • Q&A - Durenda Wilson, Sherri Seligson, Janice Campbell

  • Mixing Ages Panel - Sally Clarkson, Connie Albers, Durenda Wilson, Sherri Seligson, Melissa Hannigan 

  • Bullied, Broken, Redeemed ~ Candice Dugger

Teaching Training Day!

Each subject presents its own challenges! Today we’ll focus on individual classes and help you navigate it all with confidence.

  • Start with the Heart ~ Dr. Kathy Koch (Motivation)

  • Customizing Curriculum ~ Peggy Ployhar

  • Cancel Culture ~ Jeremiah Lorrig

  • Math You Understand ~ Steve Demme

  • Science ~ Sherri Seligson

  • Raising Kids that Love Technology and Science  ~ Melissa Hannigan, Joey Hannigan, Anne Miller, Nathanael Miller

  • Teaching to a Strength, Trait, or Type ~ Connie Albers

  • The Four Language Arts ~ Andrew Pudewa

  • Modern History from a Biblical Worldview (and why it matters!) ~ Linda Lacour Hobar

  • Panel - Linda Hobar, Andrew Pudewa, Sherri Seligson, Steve Demme

  • Navigating Compulsive Comparing Disorder ~ Dr. Jennifer Murff

  • Raising Courageous Kids in a Sexualized Culture ~ Sam Black

Practical Lifestyle How-Tos

What does family life look like when you’re homeschooling? How do you work and homeschool? How do you organize your home—and your family? And just…how DO you make it all work together? Today, you’ll get REAL, practical, how-tos on putting it all together.

  • Fostering the Hate of Learning - Todd Wilson

  • Different Learners - Dianne Craft

  • Large Family Table ~ Jamerrill Stewart

  • Ditch, Delegate and Draw the Line ~ Dr. Jennifer Murff

  • Real Talk Q&A - Connie Albers, Jamerill Stewart, Jennifer Murff

  • Navigating a Biblical Worldview ~ Jeff Myers

  • Resiliency ~ Dr. Kathy Koch

  • Why Biblical Worldview Matters - Jonathan Brush

  • Cultural Issues Q&A - Jeff Myers, Kathy Koch, Jonathan Brush

  • Life Lessons of a Supportive Husband and Faithful Dad - Steve Demme

  • Raising Boys ~ Andrew Pudewa

  • Why We Need to Slow Down ~ Durenda Wilson

  • Beyond the Rules ~ Connie Albers