HomeschoolNewYork began as New York State Loving Education At Home over 30 years ago, founded by some of the first homeschoolers of that pioneer era. In the early days, they fought for the freedom to home educate their children because it was illegal. By the Grace of God, they banded together to protect that freedom, to promote the benefits of home education, and to provide support and resources for new and veteran families to thrive as homeschoolers.

Today, we have local chapters across all of New York, serving local homeschoolers and helping new families get started. Our PICC Division (Parents Instructing Challenged Children) serves hundreds of member families with special needs to excel at educating their children. 

Our Regulatory and Legislative Team works with (and when necessary against) the administrative, bureaucratic, and elected officials of New York to protect and expand the freedom to homeschool. Our Leadership Team provides Commencement opportunities, The Messenger (a quarterly magazine), and a robust presence on Facebook. We maintain relationships and partnerships with many like-minded organizations such as, Home School Legal Defense Association, the Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, and HSLDA Compassion. Our Board and Executive Committee serve our chapter leaders and the rest of our team in the name of Jesus, seeking to empower them, provide for them, and protect homeschooling here in New York.

We are proud to be called to follow in the footsteps of those first humble yet heroic families. We hope to be worthy of their legacy, to build on their foundation, and to see our Lord glorified first and foremost in all that we do.