Homeschool Louisiana is a 501c3 non-profit Christian ministry organization that seeks to serve all homeschool families and is comprised of local homeschool support groups from around the state and individual families members. Of these local support groups, each family becomes a member of Homeschool Louisiana. This gives Homeschool Louisiana an effective membership of hundreds of families without competing with local support groups for memberships. The unique relationship Homeschool Louisiana has with local support groups offers each homeschool family the comprehensive, unified, and affordable support it needs at the local and state levels.

Mission Statement

Homeschool Louisiana is organized exclusively for protecting the God-given, constitutional rights of parents to guide and direct the education of their children, promoting relevant and accurate information about homeschooling, and providing support to local homeschool groups and families.

Below are some of the ways we are accomplishing our mission within the State of Louisiana, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Protect by:

    • Monitoring and influencing the legislature and other appropriate agencies to uphold the constitutional rights of parents to home educate in Louisiana.

    • Providing current information regarding the political and legal climate of home education in Louisiana.

    • Supporting legislation that furthers equal access to home education and opposing legislation that threatens or limits home education.

    • Collaborating with Legislators, Organizations and Legal establishments that are friendly to homeschooling.

  2. Promote by:

    • Communicating the advantages of Christian home education through electronic media, print media, and personal relationships  

    • Creating and/or funding accurate home education research and materials


  1. Providing Support by:

    • Aiding in the creation and growth of Christian home education support groups throughout Louisiana.

    • Advising, mentoring, and leading parents who desire to home educate and disciple their children from a Biblical perspective  

    • Planning and facilitating educational opportunities, resources, and events that will provide information and training to assist home educators in the development of Christ-like character to satisfy the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of their children.

    • Identifying and Partnering with Businesses and Organizations that provide value and sponsorships for families that home educate.