Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I upgraded to watch the sessions after the live event. How do I access the recordings? 
Answer: Our team is in post-production and busy editing all of the amazing content! You will have access to the recordings by September 4th, 2020.
Question: I registered for free. Can I still upgrade?
Answer: Yes! When you are logged in to the website, go to the registration page, and make your selection.
Question: I registered, but I didn't receive a confirmation email.  
Answer: If you opted out of email communication when you registered for the event, we can not contact you. If you are able to log-in to the website, you are registered!

Question: Where can I see a schedule of when people are speaking?

Answer: You can see the daily speakers when you click on the SCHEDULE tab. 


Question: Where do I see the live stream?

Answer: Live-streaming of the event is now complete.


Question: How can you give this away free?

Answer: Free registration was offered thanks to the generosity of our sponsors who have invested in homeschooling and in YOU. Free registration gives you access to all the live-streaming events, including the special sessions in the morning and evening. 


Question: What if I miss a session?

Answer: If you can’t view the session live, you can get access to the replay of ALL the sessions when you upgrade. PLUS, you’ll get access to 20 on-demand sessions beginning September 4.

Question: How can I tell if I’m logged in?

Answer: Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you see your name or email, you’re in! (If not, trying logging in with your email address.)


Question: Can I get a scholarship?

Answer: You can view the live streaming free thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. Scholarships are not available for premium and VIP content.


Question: Will there be an interpreter or closed captioning?

Answer: We’re working on that! When there is an update, we’ll let you know.


Question: I registered for HEAV’s June convention and donated my registration fee to HEAV. Answer: How do I get the promised free, VIP All-Access pass? 

Good news! You will be upgraded to the VIP All-Access automatically. Register FREE now, and then, just keep an eye on your inbox and watch for your upgrade confirmation email after the live event.